Made in KY. Grown in KY. Enriching the World.

“The tree of the field is man’s life”

Who We Are

Tree Of The Field solves existing human needs by applying the most advanced tools of science and technology to biomass in order to manufacture proprietary products that support healthy active living.

We make every effort to use renewable resources, locally sourced materials, environmentally responsible practices, and humane decisions. We believe in what we do, why we do it, and in each other. We also believe in a bright future for Appalachia.

TotF Staff in the Field
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TotF Staff in the Field

What We Make

We make things that no one else is making. Often we connect the most innovative use of technology and the latest discovery of green chemistry, directly from a lab to the dusty space of a processing plant. The proven efficacy of our products invites our customers to expect products that empower humans to meet existing needs in new, healthy ways.

In manufacturing we use old and new machinery, familiar tools and repurposed work environments. We are not fancy but we are faithful to our calling of inquiry and excellence.

Appalachia has been called a pharmatopia and we have found that stewardship of this region and its resources unlocks the potential of emerging capacity.

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