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The tree of the field shall yield her fruit and the earth will yield her increase
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Hardwood Fire Log Briquettes


    Fiber Flame Fuel Log

    Fiber Flame Fire Fuel Logs burn hotter and cleaner than fire wood.


    Skeeter Log (Pack of 3)


    Air Core Technology Skeeterlog (Pack of 3)

    Control pests at your outdoor events with the Air Core Technology SkeeterlogĀ® 100% Natural Insect Repellent!


    The Pit Kit

    The Pit Kit is a convenient, biodegradable box containing all green materials for building camp fires and spitfires.


    Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit

    Now introducing our Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit!


    We Dig Kentucky - Colored Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit