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The Field Guide by The Nature Academy

Tree Of The Field Invites You to Step Through this Window To the Wild with the Nature Academy Field Guide.

What Kentucky plant can be boiled and eaten like corn on the cob and also produce leaves that can be woven into ropes? What common mammal has the rare ability to “digest” and redeposit the seeds of persimmon trees so that a new tree can grow? What is the relationship between the cardinal and the cedar tree that binds their future survival together?

You can learn these things at the Nature Academy along with hundreds of other extraordinary facts. The Nature Academy invites you to a recognition and appreciation for the intricate, intelligence evident in the most ordinary parts of our environment. The Field Guide produced by The Nature Academy, is an introduction and an invitation to step through this Window to the Wild and begin to see things that you have never seen before.

The Nature Academy’s Herbal Plant Identification Field Guide was written by the academy director, Richard Detzel who has been called a “living, Kentucky State Treasure”. Richard brings the mission of decades of work into a concise summary that invites learners of all ages to look closely and recognize the ordinary, miraculous plants in our Kentucky environment.

Richard Detzel is recognized nationally as a member of the National Association of Interpretation and is certified as an Interpretive Guide as well as a certified trainer of Interpretive Guides. His vast knowledge of herbal plant identification is humbly represented in this user friendly, photo packed guide. The flexible, water resistant cover allows it to be slipped into a back pack. Each purchased hard copy also comes with an electronic down load, so that the images and text and correlated note taking space can be digitally transported with a personal devise to any remote mountaintop.

The Herbal Plant Identification Field Guide, was designed to educate, enrich, and entertain learners of all ages. After using the herbal identification guide, the learner will have gained knowledge of over 20 different local native plants. They will know the plant  uses and warnings, and be able to identify them in the forests, fields and waterways.

This field guide can be used as an educational game for families and schools. Plants can be located and identified for individual or team competitions. It can also be used for solitary reflection as even the most aged learner connects with the beauty and simplicity of common plants.

The Nature Academy is a 501-c3 corporation founded in 1993 to provide outdoor education programs. Hundreds of elementary and high school students, families, community groups, adults and seniors have enjoyed the programs offered by the Nature Academy located in Kentucky. https://www.thenatureacademyinc.com

I am proud to share that I serve on the board for The Nature Academy and that I personally extend this invitation for you to step through this Window To The Wild.